Anitta is a famous Brazilian singer.
From the suburbs of Rio she made the first in the top 50 worldwide on Spotify. Despite this amazing accomplishment, Anitta recently came to public to expose the fact that she owns only a fraction of her creations.
When it comes to scientific publications, we, scientists, are all Anittas.
Wait. Not even so. If Anitta holds a fraction, we scientists hold none. Zero.
During the process of submission, that little box we all check, gives the publisher 100% of your copyrights forever. You pay for publishing, pay for open access, your universities pay for their libraries so you can have full access. That little box also says you can be sued for ‘auto-plagiarism’ and should not cite yourself without giving proper reference. Wow isn’t that a concept!
While the scientific landscape seems so unwelcoming, we have structured an alternative to the status quo we called deScier.

What is deScier?

deScier is a new collaborative formation for community-governed and decentralized science, or DeSci. deScier holds various initiatives within the deScier ecosystem such as research & development, publications, promotion, networking, finances.
Our name comes from decentralized science and er = those who make DeSci happen.
The core aim of deScier is to introduce a new form of making science where scientists can, by working collaboratively, work better, publish fast, earn money, and keep their copyrights.
Today, the scientific industry’s is worth is >200 billion dollars in 2022 in the United States only. Scientific advance today is halted.

5 pillars to make a better science

There are 5 pillars that could substantially improve science for humanity:
1) funding,
2) publishing,
3) lab and equipment availability,
4) intellectual property-IP & copyrights and
5) translating scientific findings to change the world.
Funding is conservative and dogmatic. Publishing is an unfair process. Finding the right lab and equipment is limited and inadequate. There are no allotments of IP and copyrights for scientists.
Even when scientists are able to overcome all these obstacles, translating knowledge and discovery to services and products for human society remains an almost unsurpassable challenge. The meager 1% average tech transfer for universities and research institutes all over the world shows how bad the situation is.

How deScier works?

To show alternative ways for scientists in decentralized science, deScier combines the use of community powers in governance based on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) frameworks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and fungible tokens running on the various layers of the Ethereum blockchain.
deScier is open to anyone who would like to contribute to a new science.
deScier’s objective is to inspire and showcase novel forms of funding science spurring democratization and new opportunities for crypto investors in scientific projects, and contents’ copyrights.
deScier’s business model lies on directly holding to its treasury 16.7% of all funds entering the community and releasing 83.3% for the different members in the community that will engage in fulfilling tasks.
The same percentages will apply as royalties for publications, events and promotions. Treasure funds will be used for all the initiatives in the ecosystem, including scientific projects grants and investing in other DAOs. deScier will have a portfolio of assets, e.g., publications, projects, datasets, which can be made available for monetization. Decisions will use community-guided processes.
We will start our economy using a pretoken named $deSci. Our tokenomics previews 2 phases: The first phase is the deScier community formation planning using 100M units of a non-listed pretoken named $deSci issued on 7th October 2022 in the Polygon network.
One can use the image of the foundations of a building, where builders make a strong invisible foundation which determines the strength of the visible structure to be born. $deSci will be used to determine governance after a vesting period of 1 year starting 1st October 2022 for all members of the community including the Genesis Team.
We all started equal, founders and first comers alike with zero equity. The community remains open and individuals and organizations can get $deSci tokens by contributing with work, funds, or other resources like data and IP.
We set the date of 1st October 2023 to create our token, DESCI, after running at least one of our Minimum Valuable Products-MVP. Ownership of $deSci will allow holders to have DESCI in a 1:0.80 ratio $deSci: DESCI.
DESCI token owners will participate in the curation of treasury assets and governance of deScier according to the amount of currency they hold. A fraction of 10% of DESCI will be offered to the community. Governance will be chosen based in the best practices tested until then to digital cooperatives such as deScier.