Platform Overview and Features

A platform is being built in the website

Publishing scientific findings will be as frictionless as possible, putting authors’ interests first.

The manuscript submission process will be as follows:

  1. Frictionless Submission Process: The publishing platform will offer a user-friendly submission process, requiring authors to fill out a simple form with minimal information (name, email) and upload their manuscript in DOC or PDF format. This streamlined process will reduce barriers to submission and encourage author participation.

  2. Editorial Suitability Check: Upon submission, an editor will review the manuscript for suitability. They will assess the scientific area and propose key words based on the content. An abstract will be generated from the manuscript to provide a concise summary of the research.

  3. Collaborative Reviewer Selection: The platform will generate a list of five potential reviewers based on keywords, abstract, and scientific expertise. Authors will have the opportunity to review and approve the suggested reviewers before proceeding. To ensure reviewer authenticity and incentivization, reviewers will be requested to provide a digital wallet hash.

  4. Wallet Setup Assistance: For authors and reviewers without a digital wallet, the platform will provide a guide and assistance in setting up their own digital wallets. This process will enable seamless and secure financial transactions within the decentralized ecosystem.

  5. Submission Fee Payment Options: Authors will be required to pay a submission fee of 150 USD or DAI (digital currency) to cover the publication costs. The platform will support both fiat and digital payment options, allowing authors to choose the most convenient method. This amount can be modified anytime based on changing needs of the platform. Upsells will be implemented.

  6. Iterative Review Process: Once the submission fee is paid, the editor will assign the manuscript for review to two reviewers from the approved list. This iterative review process will provide authors with valuable feedback and ensure rigorous evaluation of the research.

  7. Reviewer Wallet Verification: Reviewers will be requested to provide their digital wallet hash to ensure the authenticity of their reviews. This verification step will enhance the integrity and transparency of the review process within the decentralized ecosystem.

  8. Author-Reviewer Interaction: The platform will facilitate communication between authors and reviewers, allowing them to exchange comments, address queries, and engage in constructive discussions. This interactive feature will foster collaboration and help improve the quality of the research while decreasing peer review time and publishing turnaround.

  9. Transparent Decision-Making: Based on the reviewers' feedback, the editor will make a decision on the manuscript. The decision, whether it be acceptance, revision, or rejection, will be communicated transparently to the authors, providing clear reasons and suggestions for improvement when necessary.

  10. Decentralized Publication and Access: Accepted manuscripts will be published as NFTs on the platform, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. This decentralized publication model will ensure ownership, immutability, traceability, and easy access to the published scientific articles.

By incorporating these platform overview and features, the community will establish an “authors’ first”, user-friendly, transparent, and decentralized publishing ecosystem that empowers researchers to contribute and disseminate scientific knowledge effectively.

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